Welcome to Dee Flex Co., Ltd.

Only through good communication can we understand a client’s needs, challenges and hopes for an event. Dee Flex is a place where this is possible, where high quality production planning is offered, and creativeness always put to the test.

With polite correspondence, smooth operation and maximum hospitality, our events remain in the memories of attendees for a lifetime. Clients can feel “I created a valuable moment” through our event production group.

“Dee flex” was formed from the idea that form when it has dimension should be flexible even under constraints. Dimension in Japanese English is pronounced Dee-mensional, while Flex stands for flexibility.

By looking from different points of view and considering various dimensions, adaptable and flexible ideas are formed and expectations of the client can be met.

Without being bound by the ideas or concepts of previous events, our highly effective proposals are based on high quality service through aggressive footwork and high expertise.

By providing the latest useful information, planning that matches the purpose of the event, and design that is of a high quality our process of event production helps our client to smoothly arrive at their goals.

Regardless of whether an event is national or international, we have a management solution that can not be imitated elsewhere, through high quality hospitality management and fast response we continue to change the expectations of the industry.